How to protect yourself from porch pirates this holiday season

MARQUETTE — During the holiday season millions of packages are delivered every year.

Now you might not give much thought to the delivery process, but this is prime time for porch pirates…people looking to steal packages right outside your door.

With online shopping and gift giving at an all time high, officials are giving out tips on how to protect your packages this year.

It’s always important to ask for a tracking number to know when your package is being delivered and to request a signature for delivery.

That way, the package won’t be left at your door without you there.

Officials also suggest neighbors to work together.

“If you have a neighbor nearby make sure you and your neighbor are on the same page. Somebody who you trust, somebody you can be friendly with. You both agree to watch for each other’s packages if one of you can’t be home. You can start a neighborhood network of people who will watch for packages,” said Mike Archocosky, Detective Sergeant at Marquette City Police Department.

Police also urge people to get home security, even if it is an indoor camera looking outwards through your window.

The Marquette City Police has seen cases involving package theft and does expect to see some porch theft this year.