City meeting about Lighthouse Park Capital Projects

MARQUETTE — A city commission meeting was held down at the old United States Coast Guard building this evening, where they talked about the future plans for the Lighthouse Park.

Many city officials sat down and hashed out ideas and possible plans on what we may see in the coming future for the park. These plans had been pushed back by a whole year due to complications with Historical buildings among other things.

Now after looking through many possible options they are starting to draw up plans for the first phase of the project. This will involve the construction of a new bike path and parking. The main issue is the current bike path is connected to the road.

“It’s both a road and a bike path,” said Marquette City Manager, Mike Angeli. “So we want to design something over the course of the next few months or the winter to separate the bike path, create a new separate entrance to the park off of Arch Street while also developing a parking lot. We want to make sure it all fits together and work well with the buildings that are here.”

This plan is going to be reviewed and outlined to meet certain codes and requirements for the bike path and roads.

Construction is estimated to begin sometime next year but is still under review. The next phase after this part of the project will be re-purposing some historical buildings within the park area.

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