MARQUETTE — In the last two months there have been two members of the YMCA of Marquette that suffered a heart attack at the facility.



Both members survived and will make a full recovery thanks to the quick response of the situation.

Although it’s unfortunate that the YMCA has had two members suffer from a heart attack at their facility, it’s very fortunate that all of the staff and fellow members were certified and trained in CPR and AED.

“We were able to completely help out the member and get him to the hospital, and they’re both on full recoveries. Without the certification and training they we’ve had, the doctors and EMS crew said it would have been as possible” said Director of Personal Training, Travis Alexander.

Working at a facility where life threatening things can happen, the staff understand and are aware of what to do if they are faced with this situation.

“Number one, checking if they victim is responsive. Are they alert, is there a pulse, are they breathing. In both these cases when it comes to cardiac arrest both of the signs of pulse and breathing were not there” said Alexander.

But, the quick thinking and action by staff and members saved both people’s lives.

He says that, “fortunately, we’re very blessed and able to do exactly what we did in the correct way.”

Alexander knows that anything can happen at any given time, so it is important to have someone on hand that is CPR and AED certified.