IRON MOUNTAIN — On Monday morning, the Dickinson County Board called a meeting with the hospital board.

This meeting came just six days after the U.P. Health Systems announced that it will not be buying Dickinson County Healthcare Systems (DCHS).

Today, the Hospital Board of Trustees met in another meeting with employees and community members to voice concerns and explain the next steps that will be taken.

The main order of business was the motion that the hospital board filed for:

“The motion that was passed today was to authorize our hospital legal council to seek a qualified reorganization attorney to present this plan for us” said DCHS Chairman, Bill Edberg.

Edberg says that the hospital will continue to operate, provide the same services, and employees will continue to get paid.

Other main concerns in the meeting were regarding transparency with all parties and the pension plans of those who are retired.

Michael P. Celello is the DCHS legal counsel who is now authorized to seek candidates on Reorganization Counsel.

Cello has spoken to several very qualified law firms that specialize in overseeing and implementing a Business Reorganization.

Through a vetting process, he will make a recommendation of the best candidates to the Hospital Board as early as the end of the week.

Once Mr. Celello has made his recommendation the Board will deliberate the issue.

The Hospital Board is understanding and respectful of the importance of preserving DCHS’s delivery of healthcare and should reorganization be deemed necessary, they will be ready to act.

The goal is to enlist the services of a very qualified firm who can recommend and implement a plan that will be most beneficial to the sustainability of Dickinson County Healthcare System.

Although this is an option that DCHS may be forced to explore, DCHS is still paying its bill, it is very much functioning and open for business and is still providing healthcare to the community.

Once available, an educational summary of what will occur during a DCHS Business Reorganization will be shared with DCHS staff and will be posted for the community to view on the DCHS website.

Another board meeting will be scheduled when Mr. Celello is prepared to make his recommendation.

The meeting date, time and location will be posted on the DCHS website.