U.P. Catholic Credit Union to change name

MARQUETTE — The U.P. Catholic Credit Union will be changing their name.

On December 3rd of this year they will be called “Embers.”

They feel disconnected with their current name and current field of membership eligibility.

President and CEO Tom Blake, says this as an exciting time for their staff, their potential members, and existing members for their new business venture.

“It’s all about growth in our industry, you have to grow. We do a really good job of writing competitive services, competitive products, really low fees and we want to continue to do that. We have a name that suggests a large percentage of our membership can’t belong. I think once we get that change out, we’ll get some branding and messaging. I think its really going to open a lot of doors for us,” said Tom Blake, President / CEO.

They are currently in the process to have a strategic partnership with the Upper Michigan Community Credit Union.

Customers should not worry about changes with their account numbers or any card information.

Blake also added their values are not changing and their values run a lot deeper than their name.