FORSYTH TOWNSHIP — With the snow melting slowly but surely, it’s almost time to swap out your snowmobile for an ORV. It might be time to get your kids on one as well.

The Forsyth Snowmobile Club is hosting an ORV Safety Class on April 28th. The classes are sponsored by the Marquette County Sheriff’s Department and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, so the class is free for kids ages nine to 16.

“The regulations are pretty cut and dry as far as what they can do and can’t do,” said Forsyth Snowmobile Club President Todd Forsyth. “Primarily, anyone from that group has to have the ORV Safety education certificate that’s given by the Marquette County Sheriff’s Department.”

The class will provide a hot lunch for students. Nine kids have registered for the class, which fits 24. Lundstrom is hoping that enough will sign up to create a need for a second class.

For more information and to sign up, call Lundstrom at 906-362-1168.