‘Blueprint for Safety’ provides protection county-wide update

MARQUETTE COUNTY — The Blueprint for Safety has been funded for almost 3 years for Marquette County now and has been showing results.

As well as, the appropriate corrections in the program to help the community are being figured out through this process.

“So finding those what we call those gaps in the process,” said, Prosecuting Attorney, Matt Wiese. “We try to figure out ways to fix them and put that down to policy and protocol.”

This program has been showing a lot of promise within the women’s center and the difference it is making within the community.

“I definitely think they have, I mean just the Criminal Justice Practitioners meaning law enforcement calling us right away to make that connection with the victim is huge,” said, Women’s center program Director, Alisha Young. “That number of calls has also significantly increased.”

Not only is this program working but it has been very effective due to the partnership that has allowed this to flourish.

“The beauty of the Blueprint is that it’s not just a theory, it’s not just social policy its actually based upon research that we know is effective and works,” said Matt. “This is collaboration between law enforcement and the prosecutor’s part of law enforcement although our role is a little different and with our community based advocacy program run through the women’s center. That partnership has really made this project work.”

For more information on the Blueprint for Safety, click here.