MICHIGAN — Escanaba has big news in its town and it’s actually about a place that has a delicious reputation. Escanaba Michigan is the home to the states number one diner and that’s Rosy’s. The restaurant was voted as the number one diner in the state.

Rosy has been running this local restaurant for about 18 years and it is thriving everyday due to the commitment of her staff and the community. This diner even has a long history of ownership that goes even back into the early 1930’s.

“The place actually opened up in 1932 and it was called U-need a Lunch. Then in 1939 Tommy bought it and they called it Tommy’s Luncheon I believe and then he died and left it to his waitress. Then she sold it and then a couple years later I bought it,” said, owner of Rosy’s Diner, Rosy Cox.

And since then it’s been running strong and its open daily from early in the morning to mid-afternoon. Rosy actually bought the restaurant not knowing how to cook. Although she did know exactly what was required to run her diner and Rosy was not afraid to go a little bit further to make this experience unforgettable.

“Thought I could just hire a cook and you just can’t you know? If you want consistency you got to learn how to do it yourself. We go the extra mile, you know it just doesn’t come off the truck we get our meat delivered fresh everyday from a butcher. We make all the gravies, we make all the sausage, and we cook corn beef for like 8-10 hours for homemade hash on the weekends. I think that’s what does it,” said Cox.

With great tasting food and a community that looks out for locally owned businesses. Rosy’s Diner is the place to go to enjoy a meal that’s from the heart.