Safely dispose of unwanted drugs at Marquette Police Department

Marquette — One in four Michigan teens have misused or abused prescription drugs. To keep teens safe you can safely dispose of unwanted prescription pills with the Drug Take Back box located at the Marquette City Police Department.



” You can come here twenty four hours and seven days a week and drop off any unwanted or unused medications that you might have. Preferably in pill form we don’t take liquids, creams, ointments, needles or syringes. You take them out of the container, you put them in a baggy that we provide,” Michael Kohler, Detective Captain

You can drop your unwanted prescription drugs off and have them properly disposed of . To avoid having to worry about the unwanted drugs getting in the wrong hands, and on the streets our community.

“So we’re hoping to reduce the overdoses that we have, the amount of access people have to your pills. If they are unwanted or unused and you just leave them in a closet then family or anybody can get a hold of them potentially. We would like to see those off the streets and out of the house they don’t need to be in and have them properly disposed of,” Kohler added

The Drug Disposal is completely anonymous, you do not need to fill out any paper work or give your name. You just slip the unwanted pills under the slot.

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