Gift of Life Michigan saves lives

MARQUETTE — Being an organ donor can mean the world to someone else, and now anyone here in Marquette can have that option. Northern Michigan University is one of 13 Michigan colleges and universities participating in the 15th annual Gift of Life Michigan Campus Challenge, an organ and tissue donor drive competition.

As of today, NMU is third in getting people to register for organ donations.

“We have a couple more weeks of tables left as well, so I’m feeling really positive about getting a really good number of students, faculty and community members registered,” said Volunteer Coordinator Samantha Black.

According to its website, the Gift of Life Michigan Campus Challenge is one of the most successful organ donation college outreach programs in the nation.

“What’s really cool about this is that all of our campuses, whether we have rivalries between us or not, we’re all saving lives by having our students, faculty and community members sign up to be organ donors. We’re helping a lot of lives,” said Black.

Registration is open at NMU through February 20th. For more information on how to register, click here.