CHOCOLAY TOWNSHIP — A bald eagle was found injured Tuesday in Munising, but things might not be as bad as they seem.

She was unable to fly, and this prompted someone to call the Chocolay Raptor Center to help get the bird into safer conditions. It took about five minutes to capture her, but now she’s being taken care of.

“She was active, so she was a little tough to catch, but we caught her and she was not fine, she was a little weak,” said Bob Jensen, the co-founder of the Chocolay Raptor Center.

Despite what people are saying, she seems to be suffering from toxicity due to lead poisoning. The eagle will be taken to Antigo, Wisconsin for further treatment on Wednesday.

“We do the first aid, the triage, emergency treatment, and then determine whether we can get it to someplace where it can be rehabbed, and that’s what we did today. So, we’ll get her down there and hopefully she can be okay,” said Jensen.

Over the last couple of years, the Chocolay Raptor Center has taken care of 24 bald eagles and 2 golden eagles. Hopefully, this one will be a healthy bird in no time.