MARQUETTE — From Iron County to the Queen City, Contrast coffee is making its name known. But what does that name mean?

“The name contrast just means strikingly different than what you’re used to. So this won’t be Starbucks, this won’t be Biggby. This is going to feel like you’re at home,” said head roaster Adam Holroyd.

Contrast, by comparison with other Marquette businesses, wants to focus on and emphasize the importance of locality.

“We live in the U.P. We play in the U.P. And for us, in order to live and play in the U.P., you’ve got to have great coffee,” said Holroyd.

Great coffee means a good pour and a tasty latte, but there’s more to it than that.

“When you walk in the door, you should feel like you’re a guest in our home. And we treat you that way. We get to know your name. We get to know your favorite drink, what you like to eat,” said Holroyd.

Contrast’s third location is changing things up a little bit; their third location will offer more than the first ones.

“We’re upping our food game a little bit, so we’re offering custom crepes. We’ll have a savory crepe menu,” said Holroyd.

Coffee, crepes, and even community are three elements that Contrast chooses to identify themselves.

“We’re in the neighborhood we’ve got schools behind us on the other side, we have NMU to the north. Contrast in Marquette we felt was a great fit,” said Holroyd.

So come Monday, when Contrast opens their third location, you can something strikingly different.