MARQUETTE — A U.P. restaurant is celebrating their utilization of local food after achieving the goal of using 98% local produce.

Since opening the establishment, owners of The Marq have had the intention of highlighting and utilizing farms in the area. Just some of the farms supported by the restaurant include Seeds and Spores located in Marquette along with Rock River Farm in Chatham.

Other than supporting these local farms, various health benefits come with eating local, such as having an overall more nutritional meal.

“One of the things that I’m very firm on is using local food. There’s all these great farms and farmers that are working so hard and they have this amazing product, that stuff tastes better. I will never buy fresh tomatoes in the winter time, they are white and mealy in the middle, opposed to the tomatoes right now that are amazing,” said The Marq Chef/Co-Owner, Austin Fure.

Owners of the restaurant plan to keep pursuing this goal of keeping their produce local and working with local farmers.