GRAND RAPIDS–On Friday, the Bonifas Arts Center held a press conference to announce the U.P. Pavilion would once again be storming downstate Grand Rapids for ArtPrize 2017.

ArtPrize, which takes over the streets of downtown Grand Rapids for two and half weeks every fall, is an internationally recognized art competition that displays well over 1000 pieces of work from artists all over the world. For the second year in a row, a culmination of UP artists will be featured in the competition, this year at the Acton Institute. Last year, five UP artists made it to the top 100 of 1500 and another 13 were able to sell their pieces with a plethora of others getting commissions and contacts.

“Being a part of ArtPrize in the City of Grand Rapids last year was fantastic. I am so thrilled for the artists this year who will be in it,” said featured artist, Darlene Strand. “To have something like this where we can be part of a downstate event, something that’s international, and for them, to get to know who we are up here has been wonderful.”

The Bonifas, in collaboration with the Center for the Arts on Mackinac Island, will be offering a sneak peek of the work this fall before it heads down to Grand Rapids at Mission Point Resort on the Island. So if you can’t make it downstate to support the local artists, you can visit the island between August 20 and September 9 to view the pieces. Then, starting September 20, those pieces will be on display at ArtPrize until October 8.