NEGAUNEE–Fireworks have been a staple of July 4th celebrations for centuries, and although fireworks are thrilling, they can also be dangerous, when not launched or handled properly.

Firework stands all over the area have been extremely busy this last week, as patrons prepare for the holiday. Spread Eagle Fireworks, working out of the Super One Foods parking lot in Negaunee, says this is their first year in the city from Wisconsin. As larger fireworks become more accessible, the company would like to remind the public to use caution, especially with products that go skyward.

“You’re gonna really wanna make sure that you’re not in a wooded area where that stuff isn’t gonna be able to go up, because a lot of people, you know, they live in a tight area or something, and they’re trying to shoot it through trees and everything else, and that’s when you can have not only fire danger, but stuff can fall – not go up right,” said Colin Roell with Spread Eagle Fireworks.

Roell also says to ensure that your fireworks are on level ground when launching, as this can help stop the products from tipping over and flying in directions they shouldn’t be. This 4th of July, have fun, but make sure to exercise caution at all times.