National TV show highlights local breweries

MARQUETTE– Two Upper Peninsula breweries are receiving coverage from an American brewery show. Although the episode won’t air until late summer, ABC10’s Lauren Lee got a peak behind the scenes.

Pure Brew America is a TV show all about beer.
The third season is currently underway, Blackrocks Brewery and Upper Hand Brewery will be the very last episode to air. The crew travels around the U.S. aiming to highlight different breweries and airs episodes online. So far stopping at 70 different breweries.

“I’m in love with this place, the beauty of the U.P. is unbelievable,” host/producer Shannon Long said. “Blackrocks Brewery is really something special; they’ve got great beer, great people, the culture here is unbelievable, I really can’t complain. I really like that they do cans you can be out riding bikes and kayaking. It’s easy to expose of and a lot lighter than carrying a beer bottle.”

Thursday night the crew sung by the infamous yellow house, chatting with locals, listening to music, and of course testing out the craft beer.

Long said if she had to choose between Blackrocks beer for a favorite beer, it would be the Coconut Brown.

“It’s kind of neat that they have that show, we live in a time now where craft beer is exciting, and different regions and different towns have their own breweries.” co-owner/brewsician Andy Landlois said. “For them to come up and showcase a brewery from Marquette is pretty cool, cause it’s a long trip to get up here.”

Langlois said Blackrocks Brewery inspired Pure Brews America Host Long to take the leap off of Blackrocks at Presque Isle this weekend.

Although Long has visited a variety of pubs across the nation, none resemble the local Marquette brewery.

“The production facility, the vibe here is different, it’s chill the lighting I mean there’s a disco ball which is too cool,” Long said. “The actual pub is in a house, I have never been in a brewery/ pub facility that is in a house.”

For more information on how follow Pure Brews America along the tour visit Pure Brews America.