HBA initiating dialogue on improving housing industry in state

NEGAUNEE — Members of the Home Builders Association of Michigan met today to discuss trends that are keeping the housing industry recovery at historically low levels and to initiate dialogue on how to change this.

In a report that was recently released by the association, recommendations are listed in order to improve the current housing industry. Housing investments that should be occurring around the state have come to a subtle decline, preventing many from the middle class being able to purchase a home.

Reasons behind this trend include a shortage of workers in the industry and increased costs of needed materials.

“The growing local, state, and national crisis we have of finding skilled workers in our industry. There are so many opportunities out here and that word has to get out. In our report, we lay out very specific recommendations to Michigan about how we’re going to achieve this as partners,” said Home Builders Association President, L.R. Swadley.

The association is working to encourage community leaders and economic developers to look at housing from a different perspective.

“What we’re saying, is that you need to look at this like any other economic development infrastructure issue for your community. If you want people to work here and want people to live in the community they’re working, you need to look at housing as an economic development type of thing as opposed to the historic relationships,” said Home Builders Association Michigan CEO, Bob Filka.

Through partnerships with local and state leaders, the association is hoping to address the principles that are impacting the housing industry and create more building activity in the future.