Restaurant presents check to local charity

MARQUETTE — In addition to making some of the best Mexican food around, Sol Azteca’s Sunny Sunday’s campaign has enabled the restaurant the opportunity to give back to a number of local organizations in the community.

The latest recipient of a donation today was the Pigs-N-Heat Fire Relief Fund. From sales during Sunny Sunday’s in March, Sol Azteca presented members of the Marquette Police and Fire Departments a check for $1,877. The money donated to the fund will go to help people who are displaced from their homes as a result of a fire.

“Anytime people do these things, it’s amazing. To see the total they came up with is a huge shot in the arm for our fund,” said Corporal James Finkbeiner of the Marquette Police Department.
“What we do here in giving back to families in need when they have a fire, you just can’t put a price on that. The local people, like this local restaurant, Sol Azteca, is doing a fantastic job helping us out to be able to help out people in the county.”

Sol Azteca G-M Aurora Cardoso says the restaurant is delighted to be able to support another great local charity and their Sunny Sunday’s campaign has been successful because of the generosity of the community.