Foreign material on bread confirmed as pieces of plastic conveyor belt

MARQUETTE — After a U.P. woman found a strange deformity on a purchased loaf of bread, the company that produced the bread sent it to an independent laboratory for further tests of the material.

Bimbo Bakeries has confirmed with ABC 10 that the material which appeared to be worms was actually pieces of a plastic conveyor belt that had deteriorated. The bakery has since fixed the conveyor belt and the bread that would have been affected would have already expired, and not been put on grocery store shelves.

Terra Guizetti purchased the loaf of bread from the Super One location in Marquette in late December. The bread that she purchased was not produced by Super One but but by Bimbo Bakeries. Upon the initial appearance of the bread, Guizetti believed the foreign material was worms.

Guizetti contacted Bimbo Bakeries and gave the loaf back to a Sales Manager. She was also given a Master Card for the inconvenience. According to Bimbo Bakeries, the company takes food safety very seriously and is thankful that Ms. Guizetti brought the deformity to their attention.