Eben Ice Caves, warming up to more visitors

EBEN JUNCTION — Well it looks like Jack Frost has officially unpacked his bags in the U.P. and is here to stay for quite some time. While he’s in town, one popular spot to visit in the U.P. is the Eben Ice Caves.

After a mile walk through picturesque scenery, you’ll find a frozen creek that in the winter time is a breathtaking sight to see. Visitors come not only from across the state but also, around the world to visit the Eben Ice Caves. Even if you have visited the caves in the past, they are constantly changing creating a new sight each time.

“You’re just out in nature; it’s just beautiful and fascinating. It changes from week to week because the water dripping from the rock and the creek that comes over the edge, it’s constantly adding to it. So you can come one month and will totally be different the next,” said Property Owner near the cavers, Heidi Swajanen.

The caves were a locally kept secret for many years but thanks to the help of the internet, the Swajanen’s have seen an influx in visitors the past twelve years. When visiting the caves, dressing warm is a must and wearing anytime of snow shoe or ice cleats on your boots is recommended.

“It’s definitely worth the trip and make sure you dress warm and such, not like me right now. Definitely bring a camera, you’re going to want to take pictures, it’s postcard material,” said Heidi Swajanen’s Daughter, Betty Jo Swajanen.

The caves are open anytime for anyone who wants to stop by.