Local experts present Building a Philanthropic Board

MARQUETTE — The Community Room at the Peter White Public Library was a full house tonight as members from within the community gathered to hear a presentation on building a philanthropic board.

With non-profit organizations on the rise in the community, a group of experts within the local industry gathered to pass on knowledge pertaining to being a board member. This included items such as fiscal oversight between balancing the current budget as well as raising funds.

Carole Pence, the president of Pence Consulting in Marquette, was one the speakers for the presentation. She is a professional fundraising consultant and has trained 3,000 people in her 25 years in the business.

“More and more non-profits are popping up in our community, and that means more and more people are getting on boards. Many of them have never done that before and they don’t understand what their role and responsibility is,” Pence said. “It’s really important, if they’re going to be successful, not only as board members, but as part of an organization, that they understand what it means to be on a board of directors for a non-profit organization.”

Jim LaJoie, the Executive Director of the Superior Health Foundation, and Heather Steltenpohl, Development Director for the Peter White, were also featured speakers.