MUNISING– It was a special, yet somber day for some members of Alger County as they dedicated their latest project.

On Wednesday,the Alger County Sheriff’s Department dedicated their newly renovated jail to two members who served in their department. One was retired Sheriff David Cromell who, according to sheriff elect Todd Brock, many in the department viewed as a father figure. It was also dedicated to Paul Grahovac, a deputy who lost his life in the line of duty in 2001.

Alger County Sheriff Elect Todd Brock said, “My memories are firm and great of Sheriff Cromwell and Paul Grahovac and I wanted to bring the past to our future, as a sheriff going I wanted all of our deputies to understand important these two men were too us as a department bring, basically have Sheriff Cromwell and Paul looking over us and to be with our staff forward. It means very much to me.

There are two plaques, one in honor of each man. The nearly $1.3 million dollar renovation costs taxpayers nothing due to a partnership with Luce County. In exchange, Alger County will house 12 inmates for them.

Sheriff Elect Brock said that the jail should be open tomorrow.