MARQUETTE — A date which will live in infamy, as President Franklin D. Roosevelt said the day after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Today marks the 75th anniversary of the Japanese attack that killed over two-thousand military personnel. Here in the U.P., a flag raising ceremony along with a remembrance prayer was held at Brookridge Heights Assisted Living to honor those fallen soldiers. Not only do a majority of the residents remember where they were that very day but some even had family members killed at Pearl Harbor.

Resident shared their stories from that time and honored the soldiers through songs and reminiscing.

“Many of our residents are veterans, they are spouses of veterans, or went through that particular day and has major significance to them,” said Exec. Director of Brookridge Assisted Living, Neal Crothers.

Remembering a significant day like today is important not only for veterans and any American, but also active military members as well.

“Well it’s always a manner of respect to honor those who were lost in various battles throughout, there’s a lot of comradery in the military,” said Sgt. First Class, Adam Lund.

Although thinking of what happened on this 75 years ago can bring up painful memories, residents at Brookridge used this time to reflect on their past and hold faith that the future can only get better.