Local university meeting high demand of nursing field

HANCOCK — Nurses with a four-year degree are increasingly in demand. One Upper Peninsula university is doing to help meet that demand.

Working nurses are encouraged to complete their Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at Finlandia University through a new affordable pricing structure.

Licensed nurses with an associate degree can earn their BSN online for $15,000, regardless of how many credits are needed. The program is expected to attract people to Finlandia in the highly competitive market of health care education.

Finlandia RN-BSN Program Director Mark Miron said, ” $15,000 for a complete BSN-all tuition and fees included-is very competitive. It puts us well underneath most of the major national players, as well as the few regional players in our area who are also offering the program.”

Tuition is billed at a flat rate of $500 a credit, but when the total reaches $15,000, the rest of the program is free.

Miron said, ” These students come from different ADN programs and some of the ADN programs require a lot of Gen-Ed credits and others don’t, and so the $15,000-particularly for those students that need a higher number of credits-is a huge bargain.”

Finlandia plans to market the RN-BSN program regionally, and perhaps even nationally, to increase enrollment in their nursing program.