Marquette GOP throws party for departing congressman

MARQUETTE — After six years of being the Upper Peninsula’s voice in Washington, Dr. Dan Benishek is retiring from congress at the end of the year. In recognition of the time he spent in D.C., the Marquette County GOP threw Benishek a ‘Thank You Reception’ Monday night in Marquette Township.

About 40 people showed up to thank Dr. Benishek for his congressional service. When asked what his biggest accomplishment as a congressman was, Dr. Benishek said it was serving the people who elected him for three terms.

“I tried to focus on the district more than the national issues and I’m pretty proud of the stuff we got done, so I got some legislation passed,” said Benishek. “I know we helped direct healthcare not only for the VA but for national healthcare. I’ve been opposed to the President’s Obamacare from the beginning and we need a solution that actually lowers costs more affordable for people. And maybe we’ll work towards that and maybe now that we have a new administration it will happen.”

Benishek served on three different committees dealing with Agriculture, Natural Resources and Veterans Affairs. He plans to fly back to Washington tomorrow to vote on a government spending bill.

After that, Benishek plans on doing a little hunting during Muzzleloading season.