Modeltowners looking to make some noise in the MPC

GWINN — One of the biggest high school football underdogs this year are the Modeltowners. But after a strong finish last season, maybe this won’t be a team that can be taken lightly.

Gwinn ended their season winning two of their final three games, including a close game at the end of the year against Ishpeming. The Modeltowners haven’t been to the playoffs in 16 years, but they are ready to re–write the history books.

“Especially all the seniors, there’s been a lot of guys from all different grade levels working all summer, just sweating out here like dogs. We’ve been waiting for this since last season ended. We’re all very excited for this season,” senior Carter Ghiringhelli said.

“The players have been working tremendously hard. We were out here three hours a day, Monday through Friday weight-training and running, pushing the sleds, just getting better. We knew our numbers were going to be low coming into this season so a lot of guys are going to be playing both ways,” said head coach Dion Brown.

The Modeltowners will be bringing back a vast majority of their starting lineup, but even they know it’s going to take a lot more to get to the top of the conference.

“Just the little things. We got to go hard every play, make sure we stay healthy because we have very low numbers and if we go hard every play and make it a habit, then we shouldn’t have a problem at all this entire season,” senior Hunter Bachman said.

“Continue to work and just get better each and every day. We got to mix and match some things with a few player personnels that we got to change here and there. Other than that, we’ll be fine,” said Brown.

Gwinn will open their season on the road at Gladstone on August 26th.