U.P. woman attending Democratic National Convention

PHILADELPHIA — Cheers and tears filled the Wells Fargo Center Tuesday night, as Hillary Clinton was announced as the presidential nominee for the Democratic Party.

Negaunee native Ellen Lindblom is at the convention, representing the First Congressional District. Lindblom is one of four delegates from the district representing Bernie Sanders.

“It’s truly amazing and humbling to represent my area. I’m just so honored to be here,” said Lindblom.

Although Sanders did not ultimately win the nomination, the Vermont Senator made it clear that he’s pulling for Clinton to beat Donald Trump in November.

When it was officially announced Clinton would represent the party, Lindblom says the emotions and feelings inside the convention hall were indescribable.

“To be there and hear Bernie Sanders throw his full support behind her… the electricity in the room was contagious,” said Lindblom.

“As much us Bernie supporters are upset to see the movement momentarily ending, we’re ready to pick it up and keep moving on towards November with Hillary Clinton,” she added.

A number of key figures in the Democratic Party have spoke so far, including First Lady Michelle Obama and former president Bill Clinton.

Democrats across the nation are gearing up for the biggest speech of the week Thursday night, when Clinton officially accepts the nomination.

“I think Hillary is going to outline her vision on how she is going to be working with every American no matter who they are to make sure that they are successful,” said U.S. Senator Gary Peters.

“She is about bringing together. She’s not about pointing fingers and trying to divide folks. She also I think will demonstrate that she has the experience and temperament to be The Commander In Chief, the leader of this country and really the leader of this world,” he added.

“I’m hoping that she will tell the American people her ideas and what the Democratic Party’s ideas are,” said Lindblom. “I hope that she can change some hearts and minds across the country.”