ISHPEMING — The crew of a syndicated television show has been traveling through the U.P., and Ishpeming was on the itinerary Tuesday morning.

Rollin’ on TV is a nationwide program that focuses on recreational vehicles, from the related lifestyle and equipment to the sights to be seen and experiences to be had across the country. After making a stop at Fayette State Park, the crew headed to the Cliffs Shaft Mine Museum to learn more about local mining history.

“As soon as you cross the Mighty Mac, something kind of magical starts to happen, ’cause you’re in the U.P.” said Rollin’ on TV’s Co-host and Associate Producer, Jeff Johnston. “The air is wonderful, the people are great, the scenery is fantastic, so how can we help but be drawn back here time and again. We’re doing little interviews here and there, we’re meeting interesting people and eating good food, and generally speaking, just taking in everything that we possibly can during the six or seven days that we have up here.”

“It’s always nice to see that people are getting the word out that we are here,” said Joyce Smith, a volunteer at the Mine Museum. “All too often, not all local people know that the Cliffs Shaft Mine Museum is there, and it’s great to have some national exposure as well.”

Rollin’ on TV will also visit Hancock to learn about the Quincy Mine. The crew will also be learning how pasties are made before they return home to get this episode ready for air early next year.

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