MARQUETTE — After a lot of hard work, there should always be time to celebrate.

That’s exactly what the Community Foundation of Marquette County was up to Tuesday. The Foundation has been working hard to better the community for 26 years. Through grants and endowments, CFMC helps donors make positive impacts on community members.

“The organizations vary widely. The money is distributed to many, many types of things, everything from the environment, to the arts, to youth. So, many, many things,” said CEO Gail Anthony.

In addition to celebrating their hard work, the CFMC also handed out four Catalyst Awards. Recipients have shown a commitment to serving Marquette through volunteerism or philanthropy.

“When we get such great reinforcement from the public about what we have done in town, it is very exciting and it means a lot. Thank yous always mean a lot and it’s nice to be appreciated, but I agree with Tammi. We’re kind of passionate about what we do, and I think we’d just forge ahead regardless,” said Barb Kelly, the Vice President of the Marquette Beautification and Restoration Committee

You can donate to the Community Foundation of Marquette County any time. For more information, follow this link.

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