Talking Books delivers the joy of reading

MARQUETTE — A local library wants to provide the joy of reading to the U.P., and that means to every member in the community. ABC-Ten’s Sarah Mac has more about this local institution is reaching out.

A local Marquette library is all about trying to provide reading and events to the entire community. Some people say when they read a book the story really speaks to them. Well the Peter White Public library is taking that idea to a whole other level.

Today they hosted an invite to provide information about Talking Books, an organization that provides technology and other materials for those with disabilities.

Reader Adviser for Great Lakes Talking Books Lynn Buckland-Brown says, “I work with visually and physically handicapped people who are unable to read on their own – either they can’t see the printed word, or they can’t hold a book – and we provide anything that will help them be able to listen to our audio books.”

They provide items like talking book machines, headphones and speaker pillows.Those who apply and are eligible could receive these materials and some tech for free. Buckland-Brown says that her work is extremely rewarding.

“I’m a retired teacher, and so this kind of fits in with my love of reading,” Buckland-Brown added, “and our patrons are fabulous people. They’re very positive, they’re very appreciative, and I really enjoy working with them.”

For more information about Great Lakes Talking Books click here.

For more information about events at the Peter White Public Library click here.

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