MARQUETTE — It’s that time of year when you’re sure to see people wearing green.

St. Patrick’s day means plenty of people out partying, but in the U.P., there aren’t many Irish-themed night spots to do it in.

The Wild Rover in Marquette was entertaining its patrons with Celtic music. And some people always feel like getting up and dancing on one of the establishment’s busiest days of the year.

“Well, top o’the mornin’ to ya! We have a wonderful Irish day going on today; we’ve got a bunch of jiggy things going on,” Wild Rover server Ashley McGrath said. “We’ve got Irish fare and food, including cabbage and whatnot, and then we’ve also got our green beer, of course. Can’t have a day without green beer or Guinness. You can’t go anywhere without the Irish pub today.”

It’s one of the rare occasions when taking the expression ‘getting jiggy with it’ literally, by dancing an Irish jig, won’t attract too much attention!

Live music performances started at the Wild Rover at 4 p.m. and will continue well into the night.