“Kids Sing Broadway” Auditions underway

‘U.P. Kids Sing Broadway’ the name of the new Lake Superior Youth Theater production. Auditions are underway for their next Broadway–like musical.

Unlike other performances the kids get to showcase their best talents instead of having to adapt to a preconceived play with distinct characters and roles.

This gives the young performers freedom to choose whether to sing, dance or act.

“Kids get the chance to sing solos and duets, group numbers, monologues. Instead of doing a whole show this gives an opportunity for kids of all ages to show what they have even if they are not a lead role,” said Natalie Berger, Director, L.S.Y.T.

“I am going to sing “Puff the Magic Dragon” it is a song I know really well, I did it for one of my recitals and it’s a really good song. I love the song and it’s really good., sings, puff the magic dragon lives by the sea….in a land called tonalee,” said Petra Frazier, 3rd grade performer.

Auditions continue until tomorrow.

“Kids Sing Broadway” is scheduled to open late April.