Sweet Water Café brings local ingredients to Restaurant Week

MARQUETTE — Marquette Restaurant Week is in full effect, with restaurants from the Eastside Independent Restaurant Association offering deals to get customers to dine local.

Sweet Water Café is among the restaurants participating in the week-long event again this year. The café puts a local spin on many of their dishes by sourcing many ingredients from nearby places.

“We’ve got a lot of people that come in and say, ‘yeah, we want organic food. We want as much locally sourced stuff as possible,’ but then also a lot of people come in and they discover that it just tastes better. I mean, you can tell the difference between meat that’s grown in a factory farm and meat that comes from Seeds & Spores just down the road,” said temporary manager Neil Murray.

The restaurant sees the week as an opportunity to highlight Marquette’s independently owned restaurants.

“It’s cool that people get out and see local restaurants and come out and support local business,” Murray added. “We try and do a lot with local farmers and get locally sourced food, and it’s cool to go with locally sourced restaurants, too.”

Sweet Water hopes its two Thai-inspired specials will bring a warm tropical feel to visitors during these cold winter days. These include a sour and sweet salad with some Thai spice for lunch and a pork stir fry with crying tiger sauce on the side for dinner.

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