MARQUETTE — Mardi Gras celebration will continue here in the Upper Peninsula. UPAWS is having a “Mardi Paws” Furry Friday.

For a pet adoption center, there is no better way than to celebrate than by offering special incentives on adopting a pet for it’s Furry Friday event, Mardi Gras style. UPAWS will be open late and everyone who adopts a special friend will receive a goody bag.

“For this Furry Friday, we have the Mardi Paws, Furry Friday event. So we have a discount for the adoption fees, and for anyone who donates gets a really really really nice gift basket with some really nice pet toys, cat toys dog toys,” said Lareina of UPAWS. “We also have a kids table, snacks and coffee. It’s just a really nice community and family friendly event.”

For those that didn’t make it to Bourbon Street, you can enjoy 25% off all dog adoptions 50% off all cat adoptions and for all Furry Friday featured pets, the adoption fee is waived.The event will take place Friday from noon until 6:30pm. Refreshments and prizes will be part of the celebration and everyone is invited to come out an celebrate, even those not looking to adopt a pet. As always, donations are always welcome.