Ron’s Taco Shop plans to relocate for one-year anniversary

MARQUETTE — Ron’s Taco Shop has been open for nearly a full year, and to celebrate the anniversary, the restaurant will be moving to a new location.

The motivation for the relocation is simple: space. The new venue at 219 W. Washington Street will have a larger kitchen, allowing the taco shop to expand its menu.

It will also feature a larger dining area so more guests can eat in at a single time.

Christopher Moriarty, the manager, said, “It’s been an issue here sometimes if we get busy; if you don’t want to take your food to go you have to wait for a seat. There, we’re going to have a whole open area dedicated to seating.”

And while the new location is a prime spot in the middle of downtown Marquette, not everyone is excited about the move.

“We get the ups and downs, like some people are like, ‘oh, yes; you’re going to be close to us downtown’,” Moriarty said. “On the other side of it, we get some college kids and some people who are like, ‘oh, why are you leaving? You’re so close.'”

Ron’s Taco Shop’s last open day is this Sunday, and they’ll be closed until re-opening in the new location on November 11th, which is the restaurant’s one-year anniversary.