Marquette celebrities lend their talents for the Kaufman Follies

Marquette celebrities took to the stage for singing, dancing, and skits for a good cause.

Wednesday was the first annual Kaufman Follies, an event to raise money for Kaufman Auditorium’s capital improvements projects.

Event organizers thought of the idea from a similar follies show put on by Marquette General Hospital.

“Marquette General used to have the Marquette General Follies years ago, and it was a big hit. People loved coming and seeing local celebrities making fools out of themselves, it was a gas.  And they haven’t done it for many years,” Kaufman Follies co-producer Marty Martello said.  “The Kaufman Players, a new theater group–plain and simple, we need money.  The Kaufman Auditorium needs money as well for capital improvements, equipment improvements, things like that.  So we decided we’d gather some local celebrities, put together some fun acts, and have a good time.”

Martello said participating in the follies was a fun way to return to the stage and perform to an audience.

“The best way to describe it is applause is a drug,” he said.  “If you’ve ever been on stage and enjoyed it, you need a fix every once in a while.  And this was a perfect time to get together, do a show that I really enjoy (‘Sue Me’ from Guys and Dolls).”

“I haven’t been on stage for several years, I’ve been directing and things like that…it’s kind of nice to get back on stage.”

Some convincing was needed to get a few celebrities on stage, but Martello said the purpose of the follies was to simply have a good time.