Learning the impacts concussions have on the brain

Concussion injuries and their long term repercussions have dominated the news lately, and one Upper Peninsula group is trying to raise awareness about the game-changing issue.

Discussing concussions and their long term impacts has been a popular debate recently.

The Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Center hosted a seminar and panel discussion Tuesday night with experts to discuss research, recent studies, and findings about concussions.

Sub-concussive injuries are the newest research component, affecting the brain in a similar fashion to that of a concussion.

“(Sub-concussive injuries) are mild brain injuries that don’t really reach the level of a concussion, and how the accumulated effects of those may affect individuals in the long term,” Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Center Director of Research Robert Winn said.  “Beginning with youth sports all the way up through adulthood, how those may have some effect.”

The seminar aimed to spread the word about concussions to a wide audience, ranging from parents to college students.

Winn said it is important for people to be concerned about concussions, and what effects they have on the brain.

“That caution people have when they discuss concussions or sub-concussive injuries are probably fears that are well placed,” he said.  “We know now the long–term effects can lead to neurodegenerative disorders, as well as changes in quality of life…memory and other things as we get older.”

To view the seminar, visit hopestartshere.org.