Investigation of camper accident continues

photo 2The Negaunee Police are still investigating a traffic accident that destroyed a camper. It happened at about 6:30 Friday night on Marquette County Road 480, just east of Negaunee.

A man was hauling the camper in a pickup truck when he crashed. The pickup truck was heavily damaged and came to rest on its side, with debris and gasoline spilled onto the roadway.

photo 4The driver’s girlfriend was driving another vehicle and was following him. She told ABC 10 that everything seemed fine until the camper began swaying, which may have caused him to lose control of the truck. The woman said that this was her boyfriend’s first trip with the camper after recently acquiring it.

Police say no one was injured, including a dog that had been riding in the pickup truck. The Negaunee Fire Department, EMS, and the Marquette County Sheriff’s Department also responded to the scene.