Football players visit Bay Cliff

The U.P. Football All-Stars visit to the Bay Cliff Health Camp on Thursday was forced inside because of the weather conditions outside. But that didn’t stop the campers or the players from having a good time.

The players still found a way to keep the kids active indoors. Footballs were flying around inside all over the place.

The all-stars signed autographs for every camper that wanted one. For the players, the visit to Bay Cliff is the highlight of their week.

“Its awesome for the kids. They get to come out here and be around all the players and they really enjoy it. Its just a great opportunity that we have as all-stars,” said Tanner Uren, a quarterback for the East Team from Negaunee.

“Its very fun being able to play with these kids and get them active,” said Derek Aberly, a running back for the West Team from Forest Park. “My mom actually works at our school in the special education class, so I know all those kids real well. There is a couple of (those kids) here actually. I enjoy all this, its just a really great thing to do,” Aberly added.

“They’re really big, muscular guys. Some of them I haven’t met before, some of them I have,” said Tim Minier, a camper at Bay Cliff.

The players will have a banquet Friday evening, followed by the U.P. All-Star Game on Saturday at 3pm.