Mqt. city manager office hours

If you live or work in the city of Marquette, the city manager wants to talk with you.

Besides being open to visitors at City Hall, Bill Vajda hosts community office hours.

Anyone can come in for some coffee and discuss anything on their minds or even just say hello.

He says the idea to hold the office hours came from an increasing sense nationally in recent years that residents view government agencies with mistrust.

The city has been tailoring some recent outreach efforts to certain groups.

City staff recently met with students at NMU and at Marquette Senior High School.

Vajda would like that to continue with north star academy and others.

He says some of the members of the City Commission have expressed an interest in holding similar office-hour sessions themselves, and he says he’d like those sessions to happen.

Vajda has held the office hours for about two years now.

They take place about once a month at the Peter White Public Library, and they’re usually on a Wednesday from 10 am to noon.