Home heating credit available

Monroe, MI – The deadline to apply for Michigan’s Home Heating Credit to assist low-income people with winter energy bills is September 30, 2012.

“That is just a little more than three weeks away,” said Michigan Gas Utilities’ Manager of External Affairs P.J. Livernois. “We just want to remind people that if they’re eligible (see chart), they need to get their application in by the deadline.”

The Home Heating Credit is funded by the federal Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program grant. To apply, obtain a form from the Michigan Department of Treasury website, www.michigan.gov/taxes, or call 517-636-4486.


Number of Exemptions Maximum Annual Income
1 $11,986
2 $16,186
3 $20,387
4 $24,587
5 $28,815
6 $33,014

Note: Add $4,200 for each additional Exemption. Special exemptions are available for people with disabilities, or age 65 and over.

“Winter heating bills aren’t that far down the road,” Livernois said. “Hopefully we’ll have another relatively mild winter like last year. That would help hold down energy costs for all of our customers.”