Marquette Street Reconstruction

A residential street near the Northern Michigan University campus is torn up right now.

It’s being repaved and the sewer lines running underneath much of it are being replaced.

Neidhart Avenue has been worked on for about two weeks.

The city of Marquette has budgeted just under a million dollars this year for street milling and repaving work.

The city’s contract usually calls for about two miles of street per year.

City engineer Keith Whittington says as part of the contract, sewer laterals which are often a hundred years old or more are replaced before the street or streets are repaved.

The city had the same work done on Specker Circle earlier in the summer.

Whittington says the sewer lateral work on Neidhart should be complete within the next week or so.

Then it’ll be time for curbing and driveway work, and the milling and overlay of new pavement on the street should take place in September.