Call Miss Dig before you dig

Michigan Gas Utilities reminds everyone on August 11, or 8/11, to call 8-1-1 BEFORE attempting any projects that require digging. Calling the “8-1-1 Miss Dig Hotline” should be the homeowner and contractor’s first step before putting a shovel in the ground to plant trees, shrubs and flowers or working on any digging projects in the yard. This also includes simply installing a roadside mailbox or digging postholes for a deck. Knowing where utility lines are buried before each digging project helps protect those who dig from injury, expense and ensures the reliability of the system. The 8-1-1 Miss Dig Hotline network is a part of a coordinated nationwide underground utility location system that is set up for everyone’s safety.

Michigan Gas Utilities has about 3,800 miles of underground natural gas pipelines and 163,000 natural gas lateral services in about 147 communities it serves.

Michigan Gas Utilities records indicate a very high percentage of accidental dig-ins result from people not calling “8-1-1” before they dig. Most customers are aware of the “8-1-1” system, but do not think it applies unless they are using some larger power digging equipment. The unfortunate result may be serious injuries and disruption of utility service to entire neighborhoods.

To request a locate either call the 8-1-1 Miss Dig Hotline or log on to Customers will be asked a few questions about their location and project. Specialists using sophisticated equipment will respond to the site and mark the location of all buried facilities (natural gas, electric, cable, telecommunications) on your property within three working days.