Sawyer Break-Ins Overnight

Following a series of break-ins at K.I. Sawyer, the Forsyth Township Police are reminding residents to remain vigilant and lock their doors and windows.
Officers were called to Provider Street at Sawyer shortly after 4 this morning.
Several residents had their, homes, garages or cars damaged or broken into overnight.
Forsyth Township Police Chief Tim Rector says he believes several young people are responsible.
He also says it appears the culprits are looking for items that can be easily pawned or easily used, like prescription medications, women’s purses and laptop computers.
Chief Rector asks any Sawyer residents who see anything unusual going on around them to call police so that they might corral the people responsible.
Residents say they know it’s only a matter of time until the culprits are apprehended and will increase their efforts in keeping their homes secured.
Elizabeth Lizotte says the string of break-ins is very scary to the area’s elderly residents, but she says she and her neighbors will place more lighting in the area and will remain vigilant.

Posted by: Mike Hoey

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