Summer Job Market Forecast for Teens


Lansing – The Michigan Department of Technology, Management & Budget has released its summer teen employment forecast for 2012.  Over the past year Michigan’s labor market has shown signs of improvement; however it remains a highly competitive environment for those seeking employment.  This is particularly true for teens seeking a summer job.


“The teen summer labor market is highly competitive,” said Rick Waclawek, director of the Bureau of Labor Market Information and Strategic Initiatives.  “Large numbers of teens enter the workforce in a short time period seeking a limited number of summer job openings, and this summer may face additional competition from older workers.  However, if teens start looking early and remain persistent, their chances of obtaining summer jobs can improve.”


During the summer of 2012 (June-August), approximately 287,400 teens are projected to seek employment.  This is essentially unchanged from the number of teens that sought summer employment in 2011.   Of these teens, 211,500 are projected to find jobs, an increase of 6,700 over last summer.  


The improved employment outlook is expected to result in a modest reduction in the teen unemployment rate to 26.4 percent from 28.6 percent during the summer of 2011.  As a result of this unemployment rate decline, 6,200 fewer teens are projected to be unemployed this summer.


The Michigan Department of Technology, Management & Budget offers the following summer job search tips for teens:


Start looking early

Keep looking

Visit local businesses

Let friends/neighbors know you are looking for work

Talk with school guidance counselors

Utilize on-line job boards and newspaper want-ads

Think about self-employment: lawn service, pet sitting, etc.


In addition, listed below are some key items that may help to make a good first impression with employers:


Dress appropriately

Be on time to the interview

Be well groomed

Bring information needed to complete an application

Have a list of a few references

Maintain a positive attitude