Record Weekend Temperatures

For the last several days, someone has forgotten to tell Mother Nature that March in the Upper Peninsula is generally considered a winter month.

Temperature records were shattered at the National Weather Service station in Negaunee Township over the weekend.

It marked high temperatures of 75 on Saturday and 78 yesterday.

Those readings are 40 degrees above normal for mid–march.

NWS forecaster Megan Babich called the conditions insane, saying those highs — with lows in the mid-50s — are average conditions for the area in July.

It was 68 at the weather station shortly after 12 noon today.

Bank thermometers in Ishpeming showed readings in the low 70s at that time, and the western U.P. was even warmer.

Babich said the western counties could expect temperatures near 80.

The remainder of the week should still be extremely warm, so what little snow we still have should be gone soon.

But the temperatures should slide back into a closer-to-normal range by the end of the week…the mid–50s.

Posted by: Mike Hoey