Pine Mountain Ski Jump

A little wind over the weekend didn’t put a damper on the 20th annual Continental Cup ski jumping competition in Iron Mountain.

For nearly three quarters of a century one sleepy little town in Upper Michigan transforms each February, as thousands of people travel to attend what can only be described as a world premier sporting event.

Each year the Continental Cup ski jumping competition draws in between 7000 and 10,000 ski jumping enthusiasts eager to see athletes from around the world take on the massive Pine Mountain.

Pine Mountain located just two miles from downtown Iron Mountain was once the highest ski jump in the world. It is now one of just a few top ski jumping venues in North America and most locals will tell you it’s the pride of Dickinson County.

The competition was close but Germany took the top two spots in this years continental cup while Norway claimed third place.

And the top U.S. competitor finished 8th.