Snow Removal Supplies

Hardware stores have the winter supplies you’ll need to clear out the fresh snow.

But with warmer than usual temperatures lately, how are they selling?

Country Village Ace Hardware in Ishpeming is sold out of snowblowers until next fall.

Mother Nature has been kind to the U.P. so far this winter in terms of snowfall.

But there’s been huge demand for snowblowers in Colorado, New Mexico and parts of Texas.

Store manager Don Trudell says with those areas and others getting hit very hard with snow, snowblowers have been flying off the shelves there.

That leaves fewer snowblowers for other areas.

He says Ace’s national warehouses are completely sold out right now.

Trudell says shovels haven’t been selling because we haven’t had much snow to get rid of, while ice melter has been very popular because of the rain we’ve seen.

There may be an added incentive to buy certain scoops, as opposed to others.

RJ Metal Specialty of Crystal Falls makes scoops that can be easily found in many U.P. stores.