2009 Was Very Slow Deer Season

Firearm deer season for 2009 in Michigan wraps up today.

With a lower deer population and warmer temperatures than average, it’s no surprise that numbers across the region are down.

This morning, while we were at the DNR field office in Marquette, a hunter brought a deer to the check station there.

The DNR says the firearm season that started on November 15th has been slow compared to years past.

DNR western U.P. wildlife supervisor Bob Doepker says it’s 15% slower than last season, which was itself a slower year than usual.

The unusually warm weather played a part in the decline.

Warmer temperatures kept deer from moving during the day.

This year, the deer population was low to start with due to 2 straight stressful winters.

Although firearm season is over for hunters tonight, they have muzzleloader season to look forward to starting Friday.