Wolf Poacher Turns Himself In

A Green Bay man turns himself in at the courthouse in Crystal Falls and pleads guilty to wolf poaching.

The DNR says it’s 37-year-old Stephen Popp, Jr.

He also pleaded guilty to hunting deer without a license.

DNR conservation officers got calls 2 weeks ago that a dead wolf had been seen a little south of Iron River.

They found the wolf, and they say it died of a gunshot wound.

Wolves are a federally-protected species in Michigan.

The DNR says they traced evidence at the scene to a nearby camp.

Popp had gone home from camp by then.

But once the DNR contacted him, he agreed to come to court today.

Popp will be sentenced on December 28th.

He could go to jail for up to 90 days or pay a $1,000 fine.